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Diomede’s Bow
A light bow of civilization


15, June, 2017

This family lamps were born from a contest for a Italian brand, locatend in San Severo city. So this light narrows, in a contemporary context, the Greek legend of Diomedes hero,which was the diffuser of civilization and the founder of San Severo city. The shape is like a bow, symbolizing the Diomedes heroic deeds; so a bow that spreads the light of civilization.In this way we designed a new minimal and contemporary family lamps, bringing in our interior an ancient legend, the origins of a city, and enlightens with the values of progress, education, evolution and well-being!


A family lamps of interior lighting, designed with a simple extruded metal structure with which all parts of each lamp are made. The main element is the arch that includs the LED light source in the form of strip/systems, with white opal cover/diffuser. All other parts are designed to support the arc and according to the size of the current LED driver technology. For each lamp the parts are connected to each other through the welding technique. For each lamp 3 different color variations are available. For some lamps, some dimensional variations are available. Everything to comly with the different needs of the interior design market. The diffuser can also be used in prismatic pockets to reduce URG and make this family of lamps applicable to a technical environment, according to current regulations in force.


by East Coast Italy Design