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Carrarmato Pattern
Vibram Carrarmato sole design Tribute


15, May, 2017

We want to celebrate the band’s 80th anniversary, with a tribute to Carrarmato sole design. We designed a pattern that repeats and emphasizes the carrarmato base module: the Carrarmato Pattern. This pattern became the caracter of Luxury Rubber. This pattern became the symbol of Vibram brand, the Vibram’s signature on the world. This pattern became a rubber’s point of view about rubber’s applications. The Luxury Rubber, thanks to the similitude to leather and to the Carrarmato Pattern, can be used in different areas that combine technical and aesthetic features.


The pattern is obtained by thermoforming process on the luxury rubber skin. That give the luxury detail to the rubber (know-how Vibram) and in this way Luxury Rubber with Carrarmato pattern, is applied to different and contemporary areas: luxury, motors, sport, etc.


by East Coast Italy Design