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The light of human faith


30, March, 2017

That you turn to a cross, that you turn to a city that you turn to a star, to the sun or to the moon, to a pagan god, or to many gods; that you turn to your soul, to a bird, to a flower; that you make it singing, or in silence or hissing an Om. Your prayer is universal because universal is the gesture of praying. Alberto Campo Baeza said: “The sun does not rise in vain for all and every day. On the contrary, light […] is something concrete, exact, continuous, sure.” (Architectura sine light no architectura est, Domus n.760 / 1994). So light seems to be the constant and the pray seems to be the light of the people. Thus the light is transformed in to the Prayer. A lamp is transformed in to the Prayer. The universal ritual of the pray, with ben head and folded hands, concretizes in a lamp whose form extracts the rite of pray and synthesizes, in simplicity, the multiplicity of cultural differences. A lamp for all people, for all cultures, for all the creeds. A lamp called Prayer, which is a spokesman for universal faith, who has the aim of moving to a time of war, conflict and intolerance. Practically, the universal values are translated into a very simple and clean form, with soft lines, as soft as the caress of a mother, of our mother, because we are all children and brothers. Then the white color, the universal color of the divine, of the infinite, that raises the thought into love. With Prayer, there is no place where to express our thoughts, our faith; but there is a simple light at home environment that accompanies us in recollection, meditation, and speech; enlightening every day gesture. Prayer is the light of the most humane of the powers: faith.


The lamp body is in satin white blown glass. The shape is made with a single piece, 4mm thick. This shape consists in 3 volumes identifiable in the head, trunk and bottom. The structure has an engraving in the middle part (trunk) for a different refraction of light than the rest of the lamp body. The base is in satin steel. The molded shape is designed to have inside the LED product and, with internal chamfering, to increasing the heat exchange surface and so to increase its heat dissipation capacity. In the upper part there is an invitation for housing and glass / metal pairing with resin or similar. At the bottom a larger diameter border suitable for touch dimmer and tunable white use and designed to provide greater stability to the product. In addition, the base has a housing for wires.


by East Coast Italy Design