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Cantiere I
The poetic of abandon


1, March, 2018
“ Good-bye for now, house!
I can’t say
we’ll be back:
tomorrow or another day,
later or perhaps much later.
And so good-bye
for now, windows,
doors, fire,
boiling water, wall!
Good-bye good-bye
we return
and the great old heart
of the clock
above the door
begins to beat again,
reviving the
useless arrows
fixed in time. ”   

( Ode to abandoned house, Pablo Neruda )’


We work so much in the buildings sites and this kind of spaces are always considered in order to create new projects. For us, building sites are locations of old stores that start before us, and we want to narrow these stories with a series of photos. This is the first series of a long project with which we want to reflect on the architectonic topics of abandon and time. The photos capture the beauty of abandoned interiors and the stories of who lived there!  Cantiere is a photo study about the moment before!

Cantiere I, apartment in Pescara city center.


by East Coast Italy Design