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Line Question
An historically path of art


11, March, 2018

Through the black line, there are world to narrow a story and there are eyes to frame emotions.

Through the black line, there are piece of artist’s life and personality
Through the black line, there is an ironically trace of the developments of 20th century’s art.


This is a book of imaginary interviews with the main artists of the last century. A researching book with the aim to retrace the developments of 20th century’s art through the artists answers.
 “What is a black line for you? “ – This is the question for each artist.
Starting from real artist’s life and personality, we create, with the imagination, answers that become a short story of art ironically and critically interpreted.
The black line is a simple and ordinary element, is a common element and it could be explained by everybody. The black line is the base of drawing and the base of art and creativity, and the base of well-structured answers.
Through the black line we want to create a new point of view on artist work, because in every answer there are elements to know something about the artist and about the art movement.
In this way comparing all the answers we create a key to read the development’s of 20th century’s art.
The simplicity of questions with the complexity of answers.
We graphically translated everything with artist’s unconventional portraits and with a symbolic colors of artist’s soul.


by East Coast Italy Design