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Dress Up
A new idea of sideboard


12, May, 2018
DressUp is a retrò sideboard.
This sideboard is inspired by the past and brings the elegance of Liberty to contemporary homes. 
In DressUp a continuous line creates the decoration, the frame, the structure and the legs. 
The main body is heavy and the structure is light. This contraposition  transforms a parallelepiped in a elegant sideboard, where the function is hided like a secret. In fact the upper level is both a table top and a cover. The open system is in the vertical direction, light like a butterfly’s wings. The shape is Liberty, the wood is immortal, the brass is contemporary, the open system is future.
DressUp is designed like a unique piece for ambients where there are  magnificence and free thought.


The sideboard is made by a regular shape that is the main structure and the “container”; a linear element that design the frame and the legs of the shape;  a top element like a table top and cover; and an inner structure divided to contain things.The whole shape is made by walnut wood. The main shape is created by pieces shaped at the sides for the male / female joint. The linear element is divided into 4 parts, made from a single wood piece, interlocked together with male / female joint. The “container” structure is made of tops which contain metal elements in aluminum alloy, brassed and painted black, which form the compartments for the sideboard.


by East Coast Italy Design